VOIP Setup and Support

Disruption Free Calls with Smarter VOIP Phone | Set up and Support Services

Today, several businesses, government organizations, schools, and all other future-oriented organizations are switching to VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for smarter communication purposes. The primary reason for the rising demand for VOIP is that it helps in saving money and providing hassle-free communication channels.

Need for Implementing VOIP?

Our experts conduct thorough assessment after implementing the VOIP system. We assess the VOIP configuration, conduct call quality tests to ensure that you enjoy a smooth VOIP experience, without any call drop. In other words, we make your business VOIP ready.

  • If you are starting a new business and have clients from different parts of the world, with VOIP, you can communicate with your clients at much reduced costs.
  • VOIP implementation is a must in the contemporary IT scenario, especially if you are setting up a call centre.

Advantages of Hiring Lenity Technology’s VOIP Phone Set up and Support Services

Lenity Technology has significant experience in VOIP phone set up and support services. We have handled successfully several large and complex VOIP implementation projects.

  • No need to add extra lines for transmitting more than one call over one single broadband connection.
  • Secure channels of communication.
  • VOIP facilitates calls from any location, as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Access to valuable add-on services like video conferencing, file exchange, call forwarding etc.