Computer Nerds to the Rescue!

Without being too specific, we’d like to describe a few recent projects to help you get a better understanding of what computer consulting services we offer. Below are a few recent projects which were fun (by computer nerd standards):


• Virtualized a failing Windows XP Computer which ran critical, proprietary business software. This enabled the business to keep using an industry application which saved them from the enormous costs of reprogramming from scratch. The hardware was 10 years old and a competing company had quoted our same job at over 3 times our price. This customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome and they still use this outdated but cost effective, virtualized, business solution.

• Solved a wireless networking issue involving: 4 long distance wireless access points, 2 long distance wireless bridges, and 3 separate network segments. The end result was to bring a wireless internet payment system back online. The hardware was uncommon and all of the device passwords were lost from a previous IT consultancy. All of the wireless hardware had to be taken off of rooftops and pulled apart, down to the circuit boards. We were then able to factory reset the hardware by shorting 2 solder pads on the belly of each circuit board. After the devices had been reset, we used some network traffic information, previously acquired from Wireshark, to recreate the role of each of these multifunction wireless devices. A few sunburns later and everything was back to normal.

• Setup a secure interoffice phone system between 5 interstate locations. This allowed for our customer to never miss a phone call and have employees available during a larger scope of hours. Due to each office having special requirements, we utilized a hybrid group of systems to perfectly suit their needs. This included components from internally trunked VoIP systems, analog lines, and 3rd party VoIP providers. This system would effectively hunt employees in different time zones and provide a unified calling platform for company-wide calling.

Thanks for reading! We very much enjoy resolving complicated and customer computer issues. It’s not quite a thrill, but it sure feels good to put lots of effort and know that we’re making a difference for our customers.