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Corona, CA

Lenity Technology also services the sunny city of Corona, California. Since 2009 we’ve been fixing phones, curing computers, and providing IT support services to this area. Our very first customer was actually located in Corona, California and we’re proud to still be servicing this area. Housing headquarters of several large businesses that you might know of such as Monster Beverage, West Coast Customs, or Watson Pharmaceuticals Corona, CA has proudly serviced large businesses for some time.

Network Support, Network Consulting, and Network Services

Interoffice VPN solutions, high speed internet transitions, and upgraded network infrastructure are just some of the solutions Lenity Technology can help you implement. It may be time to switch off of that expensive t1 service and use a lower cost and faster technology. Internet speeds are only getting faster and new internet options are popping up left and right.

we’re always happy to provide a free internet service audit to see if there is a better solution in your area. Not only might you benefit from faster Internet for a more affordable price but you also may be able to finally make the switch to Voice over IP. Which of course, is another service we specialize in Corona, CA. we can help you properly set up your QoS to ensure that your firewall appliance knows how to prioritize Voice over IP network traffic.

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Managed IT Support Services

Over the last couple of years there have been major strides in the advancement of remote access technology. Why spend half your day driving when you can instantaneously be connected to the device of your choice? Not only can this save you time but with automated antivirus and system stability checks, you can rest easy knowing that your computer will be up and running when you come into work each day.

Many businesses prefer managed IT services, primarily because they know exactly what their monthly costs will be. you pay a little bit more up front for a high-value solution that is sure to keep your system up and running.

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