Allmark Properties Success Story

Our Team of Nerds Transitioned Allmark Properties to a Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective Architecture.

Streamlining your work is very important for productivity, especially when you have multiple locations. Allmark Properties has trusted us for many years to continually provide them with innovative technology solutions. We migrated their entire organization to Google Apps which improved their productivity tremendously. They all have standardized forms that are shared in Google Drive between all of their locations and leasing offices, which saves them time and allows them to focus on growing their business.

Our long-lasting relationship with Allmark Properties along with our managed services has helped shape them a stress-free IT infrastructure. We have 24/7 monitoring and checks on all of their workstations, so if a problem ever occurs we’re on top of it before they even know there’s an issue. They don’t have to worry about updates, anti-virus, or any of the annoying maintenance that comes with computers. We manage it all and have daily and weekly scans and reports to insure their systems are continually working at optimal performance.

Allmark Properties moved to a collaborative IT system which empowered growth and reduced overhead. Without old and worry-some servers, battery backups and extra air conditioning units their power bill and business have more room for growth. Bringing server infrastructure in-house can be great, but in this case it wasn’t. Give us a call and let us help you decide which IT setup is best for you!

Malware can’t infect your servers if you don’t have any. How can you do that? Great question! We’ll help you find the perfect cloud computing services that fits with your business. It’s like switching to a linux or mac computer, you get to officially worry less about malware, and more about running your business. These punch lines sound repetitive, but hey, they’re true.

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