A Zone Cone

Lenity Technology helped A Cone Zone transform their IT systems into a redundant and worry-free infrastructure.

For the last couple years, A Cone Zone has been enjoying focusing on business growth and not on IT Infrastructure. This great relationship, in part, has contributed to their rapid company growth. The IT infrastructure is streamline and errors rarely occur. When they do, we have all the structures in place to quickly resolve any issues. They don’t worry much about IT systems, and things have been enjoying our seamless systems for several years.

Recent advancements in Malware technology have made IT infrastructure a scary and daunting place to be. It’s a good thing that A Cone Zone has invested in technology which let’s them focus on growing their business, and not on how to recover from being hit with a virus. One example of this is with their cutting-edge backup infrastructure which uses virtualization. If a server has an issue, or an employee accidentally deletes a file, we have multiple layers to protect them. In fact, we can just roll all of their systems back a couple days to before any issues existed in the first place.

The following story make me cringe, but this would never happen to a customer of ours! http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-me-ln-hollywood-hospital-bitcoin-20160217-story.html

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