How to Eliminate Business Disruptions Due to Technology

For today’s businesses, technology plays a role in determining financial success. At a very basic level, computers, laptops, and other internet-enabled devices can provide a platform for selling products and services, maintaining communication with customers and clients, and storing customer data. With the right technologies in place, business owners can gain a competitive edge as they stay attuned to marketplace technology trends. 

However, despite the advantages that the right technology can offer business owners, problems can occur. Viruses, ransomware attacks, and system inefficiencies can severely disrupt those businesses that don’t have the necessary protocols in place.

Luckily, with the right Managed IT Services, you can implement comprehensive security solutions and improve the efficiency of your systems to prevent technology disruptions.

Here are some of the main disruptions businesses face because of technology and how you can prevent them:

Frequent Downtime 

Downtime can cost businesses approximately $5,600 per minute, according to the analysis conducted by Gartner. Productivity will cease, sales won’t be made, and businesses may even face a loss in customers. Those businesses that are entirely dependant on their computer systems might have to shut down for an extended period too, and that could prove catastrophic if there is a long waiting time before repairs can be made.

> Solution: Get continual system monitoring. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) typically offer 24/7 system monitoring, which allows them to detect downtime causes, security flaws, and other vulnerabilities that lead to costly damages. Continuous system monitoring also means your provider can patch weaknesses as soon as they are identified, which prevents hackers from exploiting hard-to-detect backend flaws. 

Security Incidents

Another major cost for businesses are security breaches, which are occurring more and more frequently every day. The average cost of a ransomware attack, for example, is set at a whopping $713,000, a cost that can lead small and medium-sized businesses to fold within just months. If your systems aren’t adequately protected, security incidents can be more than just a disruption to your business—they can kill it completely.

> Solution: Implement robust cybersecurity measures. Along with continuous monitoring, MSPs can provide cybersecurity resources that in-house IT teams rarely have access to. They can provide you with layered security architecture to bolster your system defenses, data backup and disaster recovery planning, and even security awareness training for your staff. Even if a data breach were to occur, comprehensive cybersecurity plans can ensure costs and damages are greatly mitigated.

Unnecessary Costs

When problems with technology occur, repairs will need to be made. But if you’re working with an IT company that offers break/fix support (only fixing issues as they arise rather than preventing them), you could be paying more than you bargained for. These IT companies are far less motivated to implement long-term solutions, meaning your systems are likely to break again in the near future. Additionally, most companies are left to foot outrageous bills following an IT service simply because they needed an immediate solution.

> Get cost-effective solutions. An MSP will guarantee long-term benefits to your business, as they can preempt any repair and security issues. What’s more, they come at a monthly service cost that is simpler to budget for and motivates them to implement long-term, viable solutions so that they can keep your business. Their monthly rate can be as low as one salaried employee, and with their proactive approach to eliminating IT inefficiencies, they help you save money in more than one way.

A Negative Reputation

When a business is disrupted because of a data breach or a hacking attempt, they will suffer a potential reputational backlash from their customers, and quite possibly the media too. All businesses, no matter what industry they are in, need to prioritize cybersecurity to protect customer data before such a backlash happens. But that means they also need custom cybersecurity solutions, not generic ones that misalign with their specific business needs and procedures.

> Get customized assistance. Because Managed IT Service companies work on a month-to-month basis, they develop long-term relationships with your business. This means they consult regularly with you to ensure they are strategizing your cybersecurity and other IT needs according to your business goals. This helps you both keep your systems secure and manage unique business procedures safely as well as allow your IT infrastructure to scale along with your business according to projected growth.

In sum, to succeed in today’s digital business landscape, it’s imperative that you invest in eliminating technology disruption wherever possible. And let’s be honest—getting rid of tech annoyances is not only good for business but also for the sanity of you and your workforce. By outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider who can provide the solutions mentioned above, you can minimize the risk and keep your business running smoothly.