Happy 1st Birthday Windows 10! – Quick Breakdown

It’s now one year since the Microsoft world has given birth to Windows 10, and a grand celebration, starting August 2, was launched to commemorate this event. All categories of windows 10 users will have a taste of the 10 new and improved features it brings to us.  

Here are a few of the new features


  • Linux Developers are chanting cheers to the new relationship that Microsoft attained with ‘Canonical’ (Ubuntu’s parent company). A favorite feature of this partnership will introduce the full use of Linux command line on your windows 10 PC!
  • Computer Consultants are excited about the virtual desktop pin that gives quick and easy access to their virtual stations. No longer are we faced with that long setup and login process. With just one click on the Windows 10 desktop we enter our virtual world.
  • Windows 10 brought a new dark theme to satisfy those users who are in favor of that kind of interface.
  • The new start menu navigation screen comes with a hamburger button and also your profile button is found at the button next to the power and settings buttons. The new design matches the Universal Windows platform application.
  • Window 10 brings us to the forefront the ‘Window ink’ feature. With the new Windows Ink experience, you can simply trash your keyboard typed reminders and replaced it with your hand written notes. Sketchpad app gives us the ability to simply take a snapshot of your desktop and then use a pen to jot down notes upon it, using the new Sketchpad interface.
  • Cortana has become more helpful in assisting us with our daily duties (we’ll see about this one)
  • Cortana has a new location above your lock screen so now we could activate features or apps without unlocking your device. An example of this is accessing our play list.
  • Cortana can document and store critical information, that maybe relevant to you. It provides photographic reminders.
  • Cortana can now interlink across all the devices you have and give you notifications / directions from text or messaging services on your phone.
  • The birthday girl, Windows 10, is more class room friendly. It mitigates the need for any major IT supports. The three step process will allow the class room to share materials and information easier.

A little sneak peek: sticky notes will soon be smart enough to give you a reminder through Cortana. One other cool feature to expect in Windows 10 is the ability to answer your mobile phone from your computer. With all these new developments, Windows 10 clocks a first time log in time of 26 seconds and 6 seconds thereafter, proving to the skeptics that her performance gets better with age. As IT Consultants, we’re always as scared as we are excited to see new, error prone features hit our Managed Service Platform. Thanks for reading!