Benifits of Changing Over to Windows 10

Every software update comes with its own share of positives and negatives for users. What may work for personal use may not work for businesses. Windows 10 has laid focus on diminishing that gap.

Let us look at some features of Windows 10 that would benefit businesses as well as personal users.

Business-friendly Features

Some of the following features make Windows 10 perfect for the business world:

  • Start Menu: The world is going mobile and getting touch-screen friendly; but most offices still use a desktop. The convenience of the Start Menu for desktops was the reason why its absence on Windows 8 did not go down well with users. Windows 10 has a start menu e quipped with certain features from Windows 8 such as live tiles (which can be resized now) and a ‘Start’ screen.
  • New Task View: Windows 10 supports virtual desktops and its new ‘task view’ feature allows users to switch between them with ease. Here, the taskbar can be customized for each virtual desktop, thus separating the personal desktop with a professional one within the same device.
  • Continuum: One of the best features of Windows 10, this is a 2-in-1 mode that can switch the interface between a touch and keyboard friendly device. The modes depend on the presence of a keyboard and you can easily shift your work from the PC-mode to tablet-mode.
  • Command Prompt: Now, users can paste all their commands directly and really quickly because of this feature. Command Prompt has got a face-lift and it’s now getting smarter keyboard shortcuts.
  • Customization and Protection: It has a feature which can store and compartmentalize personal and corporate data separately. The storage can be customized, protected and used across all mobile and desktop devices.

To add to the above mentioned features, the hardware requirements are minimal and the upgrade can come free of cost or incur a nominal fee. It’s suitable for both desktop-lovers and mobile/touch-screen users.

Go for it!