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Meet the team


Hi Everyone! I’m the captain of this nerd vessel and also one of the first people you’ll meet if we’re about to do business together. I’ve grown this company through building trust and relationships with our amazing customers. They trust me to make good decisions and to lower their stress levels regularly!


Helpdesk Guru at your service! I love forming relationships with my clients so it doesn’t feel like that “dreaded call to tech support”. Our customers actually love calling me, and they know that one way or another I’m going to get their problem solved!


I’m the nerd behind the scenes, buzzing around to keep your systems up to date, protected, and running smooth. You may not interact with me as much, but I’m always working hard to keep the 1s and 0’s going in the right order :). Auditing, monitoring, and reporting help me keep IT all together (yes that’s a Dad joke) and it’s a pleasure invent new procedures to better optimize your IT infrastructure.

Team Member, Ace


Ace on the case! I am driven to make sure clients know they’re heard and that we care. When someone reports an IT problem to me, I won’t rest until I know it’s taken care of. I know working with computers can be frustrating so whenever I can make someone’s life easier, I’m happy to do so.


Raul the IT wiz here! Whether it’s handling on site hardware or guiding you through your IT trouble’s via our helpdesk, I’ve got you covered. My passion is working with hardware such as routers, switches, and servers, or anything else you may need assistance with. If it can be built, I will be there to set it up.


When you’ve got an IT problem, I’m your nerd! I’m a genuine guy who loves getting to know our customers and presenting solutions tailored to their specific needs. I try to make the IT help desk process a smooth one for everyone and if I can accomplish that, then I know I’m doing right by our clients.

We Make IT Simple

We’re a group of innovative IT gurus who are devoted to finding the best and most innovative solutions for our clients. Simply put, we’re affordable because we love what we do and we’re fast at it. We’re young, savvy business professionals, and we take joy in our ability to improve your bottom line.

You’re Our #1 Priority

We focus on growing lasting business relationships and take pride in getting to know our customers. We believe that working hand-in-hand is the best way to keep an open line of communication. Our professionally-calming demeanor speaks for itself and promotes long-lasting business ties.

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