Small Business IT Support Services for Greater Success

As a small business owner, wouldn’t you like to scale greater heights in the fast track mode with the right business tools? Today, there are diverse technology solutions that help you in organizing your ideas and boosting your productivity. For smooth operation of your business, you need to be rest assured that your data is secure and you have solutions handy for recovery, in case there is an unexpected data disaster.

We at Lenity Technology, boast of years of experience and expertise in the field of small business IT support services and are fully equipped to forward your cause—in a hassle free and affordable way.

Small Business IT Support Services

Our small business IT support services believe in providing IT support, protecting and securing your data, and offering our hosted solutions. Our services include:

  • Monitoring and managing of networks and servers.
  • Desktop encryption for running Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems
  • Maintaining the health of your computer and network by installing and updating anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  • Creating accurate and timely backups for your servers and data.
  • Installing and managing firewalls.
  • Email hosting, email archiving, and email encryption.

Small Business IT Support Services

Small business IT support services from Lenity Technology are designed to help your business grow. We take the responsibility of managing and protecting your IT infrastructure systems, networks and computer that are your essential agents for success. With the expertise of our skilled IT support providers by your side, you can look forward to seamless operations, reduced downtime and immediate solutions for your IT related problems.

Lenity’s Expert Staff

The professionals at Lenity Technology understand the value of time and resources, and therefore, take over the load of handling technical issues to give you the much deserved peace of mind that you need, to care of the other areas of your business. In other words, our IT support professionals are totally committed to your success.

Our A la Carte Options

Our small business IT services are available a la carte. We customize our solutions specific to the scope of your business. Regardless of the services you choose, or the quantum of work on hand, we guarantee top notch solutions. Our experts are here to address all your issues and concerns and prepare a suitable range of services…..just for you.