IT Support Services and Consulting in Riverside, CA

Lenity Technology proudly services Riverside and its surrounding cities of the Inland Empire. Our business to business IT consultants are well-versed in the area and service customers both in Riverside City and Riverside County. Whether it’s selecting the appropriate Internet Service Provider for your business or selecting compatible VoIP services in your area, we can help you make good, Riverside specific decisions.

Not all IT consultancies are created equally and we pride ourselves in being the most comfortable and knowledgeable computer consulting company in the area. Our IT consultants work hard to not just perform their job, but to keep customers as engaged as they want to be in the consulting process. We can build you a great, worry-free system and make you laugh at the same time.

Tech Support and IT Support Services in Riverside, CA

Computers are, more than ever, an integral part of business computing. With all the industry competitiveness in the Inland Empire, it might be important to streamline business systems to reduce high-cost, older, less efficient systems.

The good news for businesses in Riverside, CA, is that high speed internet is only getting better. With Charter and Verizon Fios offering tons of bandwidth for a good price, switching to less expensive and more streamlined systems has never been easier. Let us help you by utilizing the newest and move innovative IT solutions in the Inland Empire. We’ve been servicing Riverside for over 7 years and are proudly seeing Information Technology become more and more efficient. So whether you’re a large corporation looking to implement best practice Exchange Server technology, or you’re a smaller office looking for low cost email solutions such as Google Business Apps or Microsoft Office 365, we can assist you in making the right decisions. When computer infrastructure is setup correctly, it can actually save the business money and make you more competitive.

Information Technology and Computer Consulting in Riverside, CA

Does your business need a personable IT consultant for your next big project, or does your business need a hands off and independent IT project manager? We offer full service assistance and can be as involved in your next IT project as you’d need. Once a relationship as been established, many of the clients who actively use our computer consulting services prefer us to 100% handle any computer issues they might have. They trust that our prices are fair and our nerd craftsmanship is superb.

This can also be beneficial for training your existing IT staff for best practices in the IT world. We’d come across everything, including poorly set up computer systems. Let us help you get your IT infrastructure in place to tolerant to the many computer issues that can arise.

Network Support, Network Consulting, and Network Services in Riverside, CA

We are fully capable of assisting you with network support, maintenance, and design. We can help you find the best method to expand or modernize your networking needs without charging you insanely high prices. Additionally, network hardware prices have dropped drastically over the last few years and it has opened up the ability to include fast-performing technology at a more than competitive price. We can point you in the right direct and assist in making your investment stretch the furthest.

Remote Computer Support Services and Remote Tech Support in Riverside, CA

Remote computer support has never been as important as it is today. It let’s computer consultancies, like us, remotely solve your issues while reducing your cost by reducing how much we commute. Computer problem gets solved faster and for a lower price. It also let’s us be more preventative with solving your issues. You want it fixed this very second? No problem and no need to dispatch a technician who will sit in traffic for 45 minutes on the way to your office. Our computer consultants are trained in multiple types of remote computer support services and would quickly be able to login to you computer and fix any issues you may have.

Managed IT Support Services in Riverside, CA

We’ve enjoyed seeing the computer support market shift from being a 100% break/fix model to utilizing preventative solutions. Why would a company want downtime when we could guarantee uptime and fault tolerance? Managed IT support services are more than the newest trend in computer support. By stabilizing monthly billing and by offering cost savings by being preventative about issues, businesses enjoy knowing exactly what their monthly IT costs are.

Outsourced IT Support in Riverside, CA

Customers of ours who have existing IT personnel leverage the best of both worlds.They can enjoy having on site personnel while having the security and tolerance from potential employee turnover. Despite employees constantly changing jobs, we can be a pillar that keeps your computers, servers, and networks up and running. We carefully document usernames, passwords, and other login information to ensure that if you have unexpected changes in personnel, it doesn’t mean that your company’s IT infrastructure will collapse with a “changing of the guards.” We can create a proper contingency and backup plan to accommodate even the most difficult computer systems.