Computer Consulting and IT Support Services
in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Located very close to multiple interstate Highways, and the Ontario International Airport, Rancho Cucamonga’s location is an integral part in the Logistics industry in Southern California. Hosting major distributions centers such as Big Lots, Walmart, and numerous other smaller manufacturing companies.

Not all IT solutions will be the same for every business or industry. We believe in customizing solutions to our clients IT needs. Whether it is IT support for small business, medium size businesses or nonprofits in any industry, Lenity Technology provides a full range of computer consulting, support, and services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for any sized business.

Information Technology and Computer Consulting in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Whether your business is in need of independent IT consulting for a big project coming up or just need some advice on how to properly set up your new businesses IT infrastructure, our computer consultants in Rancho Cucamonga will get IT done (pun intended!).

Do you have an in-house IT team that needs some guidance?
If you currently have an “in-house” IT team? That is awesome. That means you are serious about investing in your IT infrastructure, smart move. Sometimes though, your team comes across a problem that they can not solve or know nothing about. That is where our computer consultants are able to guide your team in the right direction to implement the right IT solution that is best for your business. Our IT consultants specialize in many areas such as server setup and maintenance, VoIP phones, network setup and design, data backup and disaster recovery, email solutions, and many more.

Whether your company is looking advice and recommendations for the right IT solution, temporary help for a one-time project, or are looking to outsource all or part of your IT services for your business in Rancho Cucamonga, our computer consultants are here to help.

Tech Support and IT Support Services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Many small to medium businesses try to get by by using one of their employees to “get by”. This will usually suffice for some of the lower end IT support, but if you are serious about getting your IT support done correctly, you might be looking an IT company to fill that role.

It is a reality now days that the majority of businesses cannot function without computers, networks, the internet and the access to the information and productivity tools that they provide. The one problem that most hold back most companies in hiring an actual IT support company is the cost. The one thing that most businesses do not factor though, is the cost of downtime.
A couple of questions to consider:

When your IT support support is done correctly, it can actually save your business money. Most companies will put off proper IT support until a critical problem arises, costing them much more money than if they would have caught it before it had caused an issue.

  • If your computer crashes or gets a virus on a employees computer, are you still paying them for doing nothing?
  • Are you paying an employee to do your IT support while they should be producing in another area?
  • If you could not get out that proposal and therefore not close the deal, then how much would that cost your business?
  • If you are running VoIP phones, how much would missing that phone call cost you if your network or server goes down? Is the lifetime value of your customer worth more than investing in your computer support?
  • Are your employees wasting valuable company time by browsing the internet, updating their Facebook page or watching YouTube videos?
    ( see Managed IT support services below )
  • Are your employees still getting viruses on their computers that could cause crashes or open access to sensitive customer

Network Support, Network Consulting, and Network Services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Running a server as a domain controller? If so your network needs to be up…at all times. By monitoring your network health and keeping a close eye on network performance, issues will be resolved before they become a problem.

Remote Computer Support Services and Remote Tech Support in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The remote computer support world is ever evolving into a more efficient, usable tool. Sometimes there is no need to pay for a computer support technician to drive to your office to troubleshoot an issue. Just have our IT technicians securely tunnel in and remotely fix the issue. By cutting down on labor and saving an immense amount of time, the costs saved by our remote computer support services are able to be passed on to our clients…wherever they are located.

Managed IT Support Services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

Finally fed up with headache of handling your own computer support? If you are ready to outsource your IT, let us take the pain away for you. With the Managed IT support services that we provide in Rancho Cucamonga we will take over IT support completely. Not only that, but our Managed IT services provides pro-active IT support that guarantees you %99 uptime. What does that mean?

  • Daily and 24×7 health check computer monitoring for your workstations and servers to make sure they are running correctly and catch future problems before they arise
  • Network configuration, monitoring, administration, and management Complete Antivirus solution
  • Web Protection, monitoring, and restrictions
    (Facebook, YouTube, Fantasy Football, etc…)
  • Remote tech support
  • Backup design and strategy including System State
  • Email protection
  • Mobile device management
  • Application monitoring
  • Firewall and security solutions

Many of our Managed IT support services are also available a la carte. Whether you want just monitoring with no IT support or our complete Managed IT support services package with all IT support included, every option is a flat monthly rate. This enables your business to budget with complete accuracy on what your IT support will cost for the service provided. 

Website Design in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

If you are looking for a brand new website or a complete redesign of your existing for a more contemporary look, our web design team can make it happen. Want just a very simple “online business card” type site? No problem. Thinking about venturing into the e-commerce world and want to sell your products online? Our web design team has you covered.

Lenity Technology is a proud to be a part of the
Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce.