Lenity Technology’s Non-Profit IT Support Solutions

Lenity Technology offers comprehensive IT solutions for non-profit organizations. With our top quality support services by your side, you can unload the burden of IT management off your shoulders. Yes, with all our right tools and resources, you can double up your productivity and focus more towards achieving your objectives—both long and short term alike.

Our Excellence in Non-Profit IT Support Solutions

When it comes to catering to the immediate needs and requirements of non-profit organizations, our IT Support Solutions include:

  • High quality data management systems.
  • Document management and sharing systems.
  • Effective file management solutions.
  • Grants management – We not only organize but also track status of grant approval.
  • Portal Access: We help in providing access to important documents to donors, partners and employees.
  • Communication Management: We handle communication with the stakeholders and donors over Skype.

Features of our Non IT Support Services

With Lenity Technology’s non-profit IT support services, your organization will no longer face any hurdle with your IT infrastructure. We provide all the necessary tools and resources for donor and grant management too.

  • Cutting Costs: We help in cutting costs for the organizations. With our services, you don’t need to manage a server in-house and in turn, utilize the time for focusing on other aspects of your non-profit program.
  • Easy accessibility: We make it possible for your employees and volunteers to access important documents and files from any location.
  • Our services are compatible with iOS, Android as well as Windows based applications and platforms.
  • Our services are compatible with iOS, Android as well as Windows based applications and platforms.
  • We provide the latest Microsoft licenses at much reduced costs; with no further upgrades required from your end.

Staff Training from Lenity Technology

Our non-profit IT support solutions are aimed towards helping your business prosper. Also, we provide staff/volunteer training services; periodically organize seminars, conferences etc, ; and hand hold our non-profit making clients while streamlining their business operations. Yes, we go an extra mile in helping them achieve their objectives and intermittent goals too. Our seminars and training courses provide fresh inputs that help in the positive growth and development of our clients’ businesses.

Way Forward?

So, if you want to take your non-profit program to the next level and achieve your fund raising goals faster, take advantage of our all-inclusive, non-profit IT support solutions–today!