Happy 1st Birthday Windows 10! – Quick Breakdown

It’s now one year since the Microsoft world has given birth to Windows 10, and a grand celebration, starting August 2, was launched to commemorate this event. All categories of windows 10 users will have a taste of the 10 new and improved features it brings to us.   Here are a few of the new features: Linux Developers are … Read More

Hey Decision Makers, You’re Wasting Nerd Money! – A Geek’s Take on the SSD

We recently had a Monday morning “before coffee call” from a local business owner. In the break and fix tech world Monday’s are always our most hectic and we welcome all potential challenges, especially those from prospective new clients. 30 seconds into our conversation I started to cancel all of my personal appointments for the day. What had happened? The … Read More

SSDs: Why now is good time to switch to SSD Drives.

In our previous blog, we discussed Solid State Drives (SSD) Vs Hard Disk Drives (HDD) This week we are going to discuss the data transfer speed/storage capacity and Price difference of SSD over HDD Data transfer speed/storage capacity Hard Disk Drives (HDD) functions as the heart of your computer. Just like a human heart if your HDD cannot process and pump … Read More

Computer Backup Basics

Creating a backup of your precious files is pivotal. It lessens the risk that you’ll lose your important documents, baby’s pictures and school work in case of theft, file corruption and or hard drive failures. Backing up files and photos is not that difficult, but with several different ways to do it, it can be abit complicated to get started. … Read More

Three ways to get Office 2016

Office 2016 has arrived for Windows and the software is big upgrade to the preceding versions of Microsoft’s productivity suite. If you’re craving to use the many features available, they are possible now, but most important, you have to consider which option you will use to acquire the new Office 2016. Long gone are the agonies of lining up and … Read More

Online Data Backup Solutions for Enhanced Protection


Online backup services are the reliable way to go, especially if you are dealing with large volumes of business data on a daily basis. In the present scene, smart and effective data backup solutions are being offered at no cost by certain sites like Google Drive; with others offering managed data backup services for a small fee. Read on for … Read More

Hire Professional Network Support Services for Enhanced Security and Returns


Computer networks, an integral and indispensible part of any contemporary business environment, sets the platform for easy communications, sharing of files, effective collaboration, as well as reliable business and IT support for dealing with all kinds of business circumstances successfully. However, as with all other IT systems, hardware and peripherals, networks are vulnerable in nature and may lead to serious … Read More

Ways of Getting the Right Small Business Server Managed Support

managed server

As a small business owner looking towards gaining a strong competitive edge, you need to ensure that your application server system is up and running at all times. To this end, you need to avail reliable business server support to help you reduce overall server operation costs, increase the overall availability of application servers, bring improvements in data security, and … Read More

Is Outsourcing of Desktop Support Services the Right Decision for You?

The act of leading an organization that boasts of a sizable workforce and maintaining workstations in their peak performance conditions, proves to be a cumbersome task for internal IT support teams. Along with locking in resources and increasing costs of operations, improper handling of internal desktop support systems may lead to reduced productivity and grave losses. The same applies to … Read More

Reliable IT Consulting Firms and their Role in Businesses


As a business owner, you are obviously looking for better and more effective means of saving on costs related to maintaining and managing your IT systems. This is where you need to hire the experience and expertise of professionals linked to IT consulting firms. They are equipped with the latest tools and techniques for fixing computer, network and peripherals related … Read More