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Technology changes daily, so why shouldn’t you have the latest and most progressive technology? We here at Lenity Technology strive to stay ahead of this evolving game. While maintaining a steady foundation in IT, we constantly change the rules in order to promote cost effectiveness and efficiency. This way we “work smart” to keep your costs as low as possible.


We focus on growing lasting business relationships and take pride in getting to know our customers. We believe that working hand-in-hand is the best way to keep an open line of communication. Our professionally-calming demeanor speaks for itself and promotes long-lasting business ties.


We’re a group of innovative IT gurus who are devoted to finding the best and most innovative solutions for our clients. Simply put, we’re affordable because we love what we do and we’re fast at it. We’re young, savvy business professionals, and we take joy in our ability to improve your bottom line.



      Computer Consulting

Looking for guidance on how to properly set up your IT infrastructure for your business? Does your in-house IT team have a problem that is outside of their skill set? Our computer consultants are here to help. Whether it is a one time computer consultation or the need to outsource your IT for a project, our consultants will be able to give you the guidance you need to move forward correctly.

      Managed IT Support Services

For a flat monthly rate, our Managed IT Support Services includes ALL IT support for your servers, networks, and workstations. With Anti-virus, data backups, Web Protection included it is by far the best value while maintaining a fixed monthly cost for your IT support. Through our pro-active approach with our Managed IT Support Services we guarantee %99 up-time for your business.

      On-Site Technical Computer Support

Whether it’s new applications that need to be installed, or old applications that are crashing, keeping a computer maintained keeps both the computer and user healthy. Defragmenting the hard drive, clearing out unused files and applications, or wiping the computer and starting from scratch can save the annoying wait time between every interaction.

      Network Support & Design

It is well known that computers are an integral part of business now days but those computers rely on healthy, secure networks in order to be effective. Plainly, if your network goes down, you are probably losing money due to downtime. Let us support your network to keep you up and running while keeping your network secure from outside sources.

      Data Backup Solutions

In business environments, it is essential that you have a system in place for both backing up and recovering data. If a hard drive fails, not only could it cost an exuberant amount of money to recover the data, but the data could be gone forever. According the US Bureau of Labor, %93 of companies that suffer major, unrecoverable data loss will be out of business within 5 years.

      Server Setup and Maintenance

Servers are at the core of every business network. Email services, file sharing, custom applications, VOIP, and backups are just a few of the roles that servers provide. Whether using Windows or Linux, we can provide some long-term server solutions that will save you money for years to come.

      Remote Access

Satellite offices and “on the go” computing are commonplace in today’s highly mobile world. Don’t get trapped without the proper remote access, especially when dealing with tight deadlines and time-sensative work. Whether your using just a few laptops or need entire offices interconnected, let our technicians set you up with an optimal remote configuration.

      Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Some businesses don’t realize what enormous savings can result by switching away from a traditional phone service. In addition to savings, VOIP implementations can add flexibility and efficiency to your phone system. Stop losing customers by missing phone calls with an outdated system.

      IT Support & Computer Services With Personality

IT support does not have to follow the industry standard of awkward. We provide top-notch service and we have fun while we work. We always leave our customers smiling because they have fun too!


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So why us?

Computers are a pain, so why are you wasting your time. Waste our time!!! We stress out about your computers for you so that you have time to concentrate on your business.

Technology integration can be a very painful process. That’s why hiring a consultancy, which excels in reliability and communication, is so important. We’re Lenity Technology and that’s what we do. We are an eclectic group of savvy IT professionals who know how to communicate. We thrive on the success of our customers and truly love our careers.

Our goal is to help your organization succeed through effective communication and hard work. Let us empower your company by implementing the ideal technology solution that perfectly fits your needs.




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